We go batty over bats!

In 1786 or 1791, people have been playing some form of baseball in the USA. The only things you needed were some open space, a ball, some bases, and, of course, a bat. At first, bats were not much different than sticks or poles, But in the early 1800s, professional and amateur were getting better bats trying to get that edge over the competitors.

The ultimate bat has always been the Louisville Slugger made by Hillerich & Bradsby company. H&B started in business in 1864 and began making these icons in 1880 and still making them today. Read the story about this famous company here. #shopusafirst

Plan on visiting the Louisville Slugger factory in Louisville to see the world's largest bat and get a free bat as a souvenir.

Like many companies, H&B has slowed production down due to the COVID complications ,but they plan to get all employers back soon. In the meantime, you can order a classic bat at https://www.slugger.com/.

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