Two USA companies that are always charging forward in new battery technology!

Please buy one of these company's products. They have products you can trust and they stand on their merchandise.

The battle of the pink bunnies!

Energizer Holdings and Duracell Inc both have over a hundred years of creating and improving the batteries that you use for everything from your watch (if you still wear one) to the backup applications used in the rockets send to space.

It appears that neither company is manufacturing Lithium batteries in the USA but we can hope they plan a factory in the US sometime soon.

Duracell is one of the Berkshire Hathaway companies.

Duracell was actually the initial rabbit in 1973 The Energizer rabbit had a clever marketing program that had a different bunny. Please read about the history of the pink rabbit and see the cool version from Energizer.

Energizer roots go back to 1890 when the company start as the

Eveready Battery Company.

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