There has to be at least three Dani Dazeys!

Updated: Jun 15

Photo from Dazey LA

As I was researching for companies that are creating apparel back in LA, I learned about DAZEY LA and the inventive, fun yet functional different clothes and accessories.

But saying Dani Dazey makes clothes is like saying Michelangelo painted ceilings. Her collections are made in LA and Ms. Dazey ensures all her employees are paid a living wage.

Photo from Dazey LA

Dani's art style is bright, Modern, and in my simplistic view, it just makes me happy.

Dani owns a cute California bungalow and made each room exciting and takes advantage of the original building's footprint.

Credit: Marisa Vitale

But wait! There's more! here is an article from Matty Merritt -MorningBrew "In 2022, she’s joining the Joanna Gaines and Property Brothers of the world with a new TV show, Trixie Motel, on which she’ll be helping famous drag queen Trixie Mattel renovate a rundown Palm Springs motel."

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