The USA sausage is a member of the proletariat and shows our country’s melting pot results.

There are many disparate ways to cook sausage with changes by spices and recipes from many different countries and regions. Here are some links to several different sausages, whether you call the sausage, links, brats, hot dogs, or others.

Italian Sausage

Living in NY and NJ, Italian sausage sandwiches with tomato sauce on a sub roll under melted cheese were staples in Trenton. Cooking these Italian sausages and tomato sauces always provided the redolence of garlic, onions, and peppers.

Here are some companies that make them. from the NY Daily News.

Brats (bratwurst)

The word bratwurst (brat is chopped meat and wurst mean sausage) is from southern Germany in 1200 AC. It’s used with veal, pork, and poultry. A cook can boil, grill, or both!

Here is a tasty recipe for that.

Here are some of the best (not the “wurst” ) places to order Brats

Breakfast Sausage

Two of our favorite meals are breakfast with French Toast or Pancakes. But without breakfast sausage, we just fry an egg. Here are some companies that provide tasty links.

Hot Dogs (Frankfurters)

Many foods started in other countries, but none of them has evolved like Hot Dogs.

The first time I bought a hot dog in Europe, they handed me a weiner in a napkin. It felt like wearing only one sock. One side felt satisfied, but the other was looking for more. I am always a Nathan or Hebrew guy, but I am becoming a fan of Ball Park dogs.

For some upscale hod dogs, try Wagyu They and is tasty but expensive. Wagyu is the term for beef with strict rules on fat and marbling. Here is a place to keep testing to find out what is your favorite.

Hot Links and Aduoulill

I made a particular category for hot links. They look like hot dogs and sausages but have a unique zest.

Try grilling an andouille sausage with some cheese and bread.

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