See America first!

In these uncertain times, it is the time to use your vacation time to visit the beautiful places in the USA! There are many sites to choose including breathtaking views, historical locations that changed the country, or just adventures that you will never forget. Below are three ways to take advantage of learning and reappreciate the many places to visit in the USA.

River Cruises in the USA are getting popular again, and American Cruise Lines - has invested significant time and money to deliver us the opportunity to travel to six different rivers. River Cruise America has multiple themes, like music, food, art, history, and many others.

If a theme is not your thing, many cruises are scheduled to sail softly and quietly. Each cruise provides the food that cruises are known for in addition to spacious staterooms.

Rail Trains – Since 1820, trains have been a critical tool for growing our country and have improved its scheduling, destinations, food, and personnel.

There are places to go quickly, be refreshed and ready to learn new things, and make new friends.

Let's not forget cars!

Part of what Faulkner said, “The American really loves nothing but his automobile:” is true ( I am not sure why he compared cars to a woman is true, but we will let you decide.)

Americans love to go off in a vehicle, trailer, or motorcycle and see the USA. The AAA has been around since 1902 and still is an excellent investment if you have a car.

Remember TripTiks? Even in these days of the web and yelp, AAA still provides a personal itinerary for your trip. There is an app for your phone or tablet.

Enjoy and be safe!

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