Way did we start ShopUSAFirst?

(Because commerce and manufacturing are the bloodline of a country.)

We love our country's challenges and strengths, but we are worried.

In 2021 the USA ran a trade deficit of 1.7 trillion dollars and had over 6.4 million people unemployed.  

Millions of manufacturing jobs have gone, and we are losing our middle class. 

Our nation became a service-based economy from manufacturing in the 70s and 80s.

People about this say, "It is too late. We cannot change this to where it was before." 

ShopUSAFirst responds to that; We do not have to make it like it was; we can make it better.

This blog highlights the heroes who have the guts to create products in the USA.

ShopUSAFirst also has a small web store that provides unique and conventional USA  products.

Thank you for looking through our site!

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